Friday, September 17, 2010

Second Game a Real Nail Biter

"What a game!" Pat/TimC. led 9 to 2... then Team Abu/Jeff/Eric began a comeback which went to 10 unanswered points. Sitting on 12 to 9... Pat and Tim C. dug deep (into...) and pulled out another point for 10 to 12. Ten, we sat on a very close point (no boules left)... Team Pat/Tim had 4 boules left but no clear path for pointing into the cochonnet which was very protected. Pat took a bold but smart move... he fired away into the grouping hoping the cochonnet would fly off the court (which it did!) for his win: 13/12. Pat was so elated, we was already "running to the clubhouse" once that cochonnet flew off the piste. Well Done!

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