Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nine is Enough! Close Petanqe Match Today

Today's game proved to be a bit boule-tastic, with nine players on the piste (staggered appearances led to a single 5 vs 4 player game!) We had the pleasure of seeing some familiar faces return to the courts: Aaron E. fresh from the Renaissance Faire circuit; Nancy (who we've not seen for a year); Tom C. between work and lunch; and Buzz observed from his hotrod (he'll be playing again soon).

Abu's troops (Sam; Eric; Tom) were sitting on 11 points for a few nerveracking rounds as Team-Jeff (Aaron; Maury; Nancy; TimC.) built up 1-point round after round - finally passing Team-Abu to arrive at 12 points.

In the last round, Tom C.'s boule rolled in for 13 points giving a slim but definite victory to Team-Abu. When there's "unorthodox petanque" of 7 or more players you really need to ration out and use your players wisely. Sandbagging your strongest pointers for later might not be the best choice if the area in front of the cochonnet is littered with blocking boules. Something to consider.

See you tomorrow!

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