Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Averages Tighten as Big Game Elevates Players in the Standings

Today's 13/2 win by newly returned Mark W., along with Tim and Tom really transformed the averages.  Pat, who until recently held a 2.11 average (a nice lead) - fell after a few unfortunate games, to a very attainable 1.97 

With Jeff, Nick, Fred, Tim and Deric not very far away - it could be anyone for the top rank. 

Pat has an interesting situation if he wants to keep his lead.  He needs to win games, but also, not allow his close competition to be on his winning team.  Their averages with fewer games would boost their scores above Pat's average.   That means he has to compete against those aforementioned players, and win with players of slightly lower averages. 

Of course, it's a no brainer if Mark W. maintains his high average, to rocket him to the top - but he still has 8 more games to go.

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