Friday, May 18, 2012

Lots of New Players for Petanque in Detroit

(from left) Andre, Brian, Mark B., Michael, Raleigh, and Anthony
 This week was glorious for weather, and for petanque playing.  We had some visitors, old and new faces. Hitesh came by before his meeting to throw the boule for a game.  He was just as good as when he last played.  We also had a visit from Chris who runs a club in Kalamazoo (LINK to his club page).  I love it when new players come to visit because other than playing in a multi-state tournament, our players don't get many opportunities to try out other player's styles/techniques.  We also had a strong visit from CTI Property Services, with Mark B., Michael, Raleigh, Anthony and Brian G. trying the game out.  Brian has played for a while, so we're hopeful he'll be able to return to the club more often.  Andre, friends with Alpha also joined us, and it made for a very evenly matched competitive game, with the points see-sawing each round, until finally, Team-Michael/Raleigh/Anthony closed at 13 points.  Still though, there was very good pointing rolls, a few shots, and well considered strategic moves.

Pat show (Chris from Kalamazoo) the Detroit-style of Shooting

Andre, his first time playing, was pointing in like a pro

The rankings swell with new players.  Just for you new people, we have two tiers for averages, those that play 10+ games and those that play less than 10 games - to maintain more realistic averages

Chris (who plays over in Kalamazoo) shows us his practiced throw

Hitesh stopped by to play a game before a meeting

The points awarded for winning and losing games.  Even if you're losing a game, you're interested in keeping your score as high as possible so as to increase your points.

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