Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pat Pulls Two Wins and Maintains His Lead

The first game was a total rout, with our pointing (Jeff/Nick/Alpha/Abu) just beaten to heck.  Pat floated himself on the top of the averages and I started descending.  Tim took his 13/4 win and ran back to his office while we re-mixed (Pat/Fred/Nick vs. Jeff/Abu/Alpha) and played the second game.  This one turned out a bit more interesting, as we tailed 2 to 12 points.  It looked grim.  But then we flipped the switch and was getting a point each round (for eight rounds) sitting on 11 to 12!  Anyone's game at this venture and a great lesson to those of us who think all is lost when the spread is wide.   Though lucky streaks don't last forever, and Nick was able to smash his boule in for the thirteenth point.  A really fun game.  Pat was looking a tad nervous when his team was sitting on 12 points for 8 rounds.

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