Friday, May 04, 2012

Nick Shooting Better than Pat!

With Pat taking in the sunshine of Mexico, there's a new shooter in town.  Nick has been hitting almost every shot he's thrown, and today's games reflect that prowess.  Despite some really excellent pointing saves from Alpha, we just couldn't keep a boule close without Nick striking it away.  It's nice to see the players pick up new skills, and it is going to make the future games even more of a challenge.

Fox Playing Petanque

In Tolouse, France, a man noticed that all of his petaque boules which he left on his private petanque court were missing.  Thinking it was neighborhood kids, he set up a nightvision camera.  What he caught on video was a different type of culprit ...  a FOX!  The fox was taking each boule in his mouth and bringing it to his underground den!

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