Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Foot and X-Ray Boules

You never know what will be at the park during a game

 Admittedly, I really shot badly today - didn't make one!  I should have realized earlier and just pointed.  Team-Pat (Pat/Sam/Tim/Nick) had an early lead-off of 6 points (!!) before we earned even one point, but then we (Jeff/Fred/Maury/Alpha) slowly ascended, getting our points with lucky breaks and gifts from the opposing team.  The ground was unpredictable, which showed in our pointing.  At least the weather was agreeable.

Result Positive or Negative, you be the Judge
  There was a part in the game where team captains were asking aloud how many boules were left (from each team) - which is crucial (or can be) to estimating whether to shoot or point, and strategy.  The rules of petanque do not demand that players offer up whether or not they have boules left to play, they only mention that a player cannot hold more boules than allowed to throw (in other words, a player cannot pick up a voided boule and hold it while the round is in session because then the "counting of boules thrown" may become incorrect/confused.)

While players are not obligated to disclose how many boules they're holding, our new x-ray goggles will tell us exactly how many are left to throw.  Looks like Fred has two boules (and are those two cochonnets?) left

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