Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Close Game in High Winds

In a word: BRISK.  While the remainder of the week looks much warmer, today had low temps and sometimes an ill wind which chilled the hands and made pointing sometimes a challenge.  Still, we played a very close game 12/13 and had plenty of laughs.  Early in the game a boule touched the paver stone (making it void).   There was some dispute as to whether the boule actually touched or not.  I stated that only one player was standing where he could have witnessed the "voided boule" so despite other's protests, the idea of sportsmanship brought the element of trust to the forefront - and voided the boule.
The near freezing conditions made careful pointing tough.

Fred is still holding fast to second place, as Tim crawls to the top of the rankings.

At some point you just want the game to end, and to run inside to get warm

Abu watching for boules going out-of-bounds

Is it July yet?!

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