Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tim worked a nice carreau into today's game.  First of the season I think.  The first game started well for us, (2 points right away) but sank faster than a stone as the opposition (Tom/Tim/Fred) piled on their points.  We just couldn't do anything to shut down their pointing.

 The second game was more even, with each team showing strength and adaptation to the terrain.  Maury voiced complaint that the gravel wasn't as even as some of the other courts - but playing in the Sun trumped any moves.  We took the lead but sat on an 8 to 7 lead with the clock running out (near 1pm) - so we opted for even points around and the next round's winner would take it 13/12.  We ended with an edge of the seat situation - opposition with the close point about 5 inches away from the cochonnet, but the front position was open at 7 meters.  I rolled my two boules in, catching the point with the last boule for my team, and Tim opted for the shot, which removed only his own boule (after a newton's cradle situation).

The game wouldn't be the same without Pat's commentary

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