Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pat "The Rocket" Launches his Team's Scores Skyward

Not a single shot missed!  And these were difficult shots to make
 Pat "The Rocket" A. really held up his moniker well today by shooting everything in sight with the utmost skill.  There wasn't a target that he couldn't hit - and his pointing wasn't too shabby either.  Fellow team member, Alpha, who plays excellent when on Pat's team, also rolled in crucial points - while the opposition seemed to be working off a hangover as their pointed boules wobbled tot he right and left of the cochonnet.  Some times a game can be like that, and everyone in the club is a skilled player.

Ever cautious, Fred walks with care across the petanque piste

Maury's idea of having Pat start each of his team's rounds didn't seem to pan out...   so he had other ideas...

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