Thursday, April 05, 2012

Boules of Fun as Prelude to the Season

 Thursday's games flip-flopped as my team rocketed to a 12 to zero and possible fanny, but then in the end game our opponents gained some points to weaken the point value for the win.  The second game went topsy-turvy as they ran amok taking nearly every round, leaving us to count our measly three points.

 Campus Martius Park was alive with Opening Day crowds - trying out the wagon-based food offerings and making me feel a sense of remorse for what was once a thriving city...  perhaps one day.  The ground at Campus Martius is challenging as it is non-uniform - a delight for the petanque enthusiast as one needs to really watch how the boule travels.

Abu tosses his magic boule - for a 13 to 3 win.

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