Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beware of Exploding Cheaply Made Petanque boules!

The Swiss federal government has issued a recall and warning about balls manufactured by Dutch company Nebus BV that have been distributed by Coop Supercard (part of a 2003 offer) and TCS (Touring Club Suisse), which has sent them to new members. The balls can explode when touched.

Coop and the automobile association TCS are warning people to watch out for, no joke, exploding petanque balls given to clients as gifts.

Coop customers with a loyalty card have picked up more than 1,100 of the Nebus BV sets while nearly 1,400 have been given out to new TCS members.

A manufacturing defect can lead the balls, which are filled with sand, to start to corrode from the inside with the subsequent pressure causing them to explode. So far, only one of the balls has exploded (in a cupboard) but Coop says they could seriously injure or even kill someone.

Do not touch them or take them out of your cupboard or attempt to return them to Coop or TCS. Call the hotline +41 32 321 7111 for information on how to have them picked up at your home.

The balls come in a black holder and are labeled “JEU DE BOULES” and “PÉTANQUE”. Also on the holder is this information: E.H., P.O. Box 4059, 5004 JB Tilburg (NL).
DPC NOTE: I suggest you purchase your leisure and competition boules from reputable sellers. "sand-filled" boules are cheap knock-offs which should never be used (explosive or not!). Petanque-America sells only the highest quality boules and I suggest you contact them for safe and high-quality equipment.

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