Friday, July 17, 2009

Utilizing the Ricochet

Sometimes the most direct path is not available to you. Examining the boule layout, you can use the boules on the court to redirect your own boule to the cochonnet.

Not depicted, but a gutsy use of the ricochet is the one-two move. You basically roll in a boule (one) to use as the boule from which you ricochet your second boule (two). I haven't used this set-up, but in situations where the only other option is to maybe "go for the cochonnet" it might be easier.

Doublettes today, with switched partners for the 2nd game. I was partnered with Sharon H. in the first game, and we did very well, Sharon pointing in and anchoring the first boule leaving Jeff C. and Raphael to try to push-point it away. Whatever was laid in I shot, leaving us in a very strong position.

The 2nd game didn't fare as well for me, though I did manage a couple of nice shots, we just couldn't shoot every good boule laid in by Sharon and Raphael.

See you Monday.

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