Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cadillac Square Pétanque Rained Out

With no cancellation emails to the contrary, I figured that our noon pétanque session was still on, so I made the ten-minute trek from the RenCen to Cadillac Square. Although the skies were threatening, the rain held off until about five minutes into my practicing. The rain was nothing serious, so I continued on with my practice, umbrella in one hand and a boule in the other, expecting Jeff to show up any second with his cart o' boules.After a couple of minutes the rain stopped, and Mark, Ted, and Tim W. showed up to play as well. We hung around until about 12:25, hoping Jeff would show, but unfortunately he didn't. I talked to the guys about the possibility of purchasing their own boules, for situations such as this, or generally for when we arrive before Jeff. That way, we're ready to go and can get as much boule-filled fun in as possible before we have to go back to work.
From Jeff:
Ha Ha Hal, nice jab! Well, I'll try to get a word out when I can. Sorry for the inconvenience.