Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heavy rain won't stop us!

Big thanks to everyone who remained patiently while the rain subsided. It is a true testament to our passion for petanque that we waited around for a clear sky. I'm not exactly sure how beneficial the conclusion was for my average however! Pat is creeping back up to the 2.0 range and Tim C. now is in second position. Another few losses and I'll be down 5 notches and Maury and Raphael will be 3rd and 4th.
Philippe Boets of Petanque-America is running a fantastic tournament down on Amelia Island in Florida on November 14 & 15th (Sat./Sun).
Click HERE for details
I've taken part in these before - and they really are alot of fun. You'll be playing petanque with players from all over the country (and guests from Europe) for big money prizes. Not the best player? No problem, many people who take part are also beginning/intermediate players - and there is the consolante rounds as well. The consolante is the 2nd chance tournament for prizes as well. One of my favorite aspects of this type of a tournament is (beside the fantastic location!) the fact that you'll be playing pick-up petanque games all day as well with lots of different players and make plenty of nice friends along the way.
I'm going, I just don't know who my partner will be. It is a doubles tournament. Anyhow, I hope you'll consider going down there. Think about how miserable November will be in Michigan...

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Petanque America said...

Thanks Jeff, for spreading the word.
Keep an eye out on Southwest fares. You can get here with Southwest via Nashville or Tampa.
Looking forward to a strong Michigan delegation!