Friday, July 10, 2009

Double Bun Burner Today 13/12 & 13/12

We had two great games going on today. My own, me and Jeff C. against the two Tims was going well for us. We built up a great lead 9 to zip! But then the two Tims had enough and held us to that 9 points as they ascended to 12 points. Then, in the final round, we held 1 point (with my three boules in hand) while the two Tims fired away at our position. But I mentioned secretly to Jeff C. that if they didn't plunk down a 2nd defensive boule all I had to do was shoot their sole boule away and it'd be "pointing fish in a barrel" - which happened. 4 points brought us to 13.

Similarly, in Pat/Ted vs. Hal/Eric; Hal's team was sitting on 12 (they had an 8 point lead at one time) - but Pat was able to 4-boule 'em for the 13/12 win for his team.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday.

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