Wednesday, July 08, 2009

MPC Experiencing Strong Turn-Outs

MPC is always open for weekend petanque business!

Aside from players from as far away as Canada, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Mt. Clemens, and Rochester...

You'll find a growing group of MPC Fan Club members as spectators!

Everyone who can or would like to throw a few boules with us are especially welcome to join us this Sunday afternoon in Royal Oak at the VFW Park, just south of 11 Mile on Campbell. Me and a few hard-core players are starting a little early (12:30) since the weather is going to be fantastic! Hope to see you then!

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1 comment:

hdarpini said...

It would be great if the guys who play in Detroit would come out on Sunday. I'm sure they'd enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of playing in a park.