Monday, October 24, 2011

Swept! Team-Pat sweeps up and propels to top of rankings

Team-Jeff/Fred/Sam were schooled today at Campus Martius Park with a Fanny (13/0 loss) to Team-Pat/Maury/Abu.  Every round they had a close first boule, and we expended nearly everything to win back the point.  I'm not sure what was keeping us back - we switched up our playing order, we changed strategy on pointing and shooting - but nothing we attempted worked to our advantage.   They were just the better team.  Aaron E. joined us for the second game which improved somewhat as we had three points this game, but still a loss to Team-Pat (13/3).  I guess some days are like that.  Hopefully not TOO many!  Pat took a healthy lead in the standings - regained.  It'll take quite a few games to dislodge him (if ever).

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