Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zanesfield Petanque Club's Newest Member

In an odd news story that has crossed the Country, an exotic animal keeper has set free over fifty wild animals from his Zanesville property in Ohio.  Zanesville is on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio.  Some of the animals include African lions, grizzly bears, wolves, chimpanzees, and an orangutan!   Local police are using their rifles to go on a local Safari hunt but some of the predators remain at large.

An odd coincidence at the Zanesfield Petanque Club courts, also in the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, as new members include, Yogi, a grizzly bear and expert pointer; and Boo-Boo, an Orangutan and experienced shooter.  The new members will be representing the Zanesfield Petanque Club at the next petanque tournament in Amelia Island, Florida.

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