Monday, October 03, 2011

a couple of Carreau, a few 5 point rounds... neat!

The petanque carreau (kah-row) is a neat little trick shot that happens along once in a while.  The shooter throws his boule (A) at the target boule (B) and A replaces B neatly such that you see one boule "magically" replace the position of the other boule (which is "kicked" out of the way).  Here's a video of one in action: CARREAU (not "exactly" a tir au fer (shooting iron to iron) carreau - but you see the action).

This afternoon's games (2) of Jeff/Abu vs. Pat/Maury were fun.  We had two rounds where each team lucked out 5 points - but with a couple of lucky shots (a tir-au-fer and a carreau) we took both wins (Jeff/Abu).  Satisfying.  Pat has promised to seek a revenge match on Tuesday.

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