Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fred K. Tops the Club Standings

In the first game today, Fred K. (teamed up with Maury B. & Jeff W.) kicked butt with a 13 to 1 victory over Team Pat A.; Tim C.; and Abu M.   The wide point spread was sufficient to knock Pat A. into second position, leaving the other players stunned and in awe of Fred's new accomplishment.  I was proud to be on the winning team today, as we laid in point after glorious point, leaving Team-Pat to watch our steady ascent.

The second game almost had a reversal, with a revenge match giving Pat's team a 6 point to zero lead.  But we caught up and tied our opponents, and agreed (due to time constraints) to play a final round, with the winning team at 13 and the losers at 12.  We ended up in a strong position, with the cochonnet at 11 meters and protected - but Pat's shot found a hole and knocked the cochonnet to 15 meters - and kept the point for the win.

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