Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Time Detroit Bouledrome Secured at Secret Location

A hard won victory for Sam/TimC./Nick/Jeff against Fred/Pat/Maury at Campus Martius Park this afternoon.   Sam led off each round putting in a boule at around 20 inches from the cochonnet at a medium distance - tempting for the opposition to beat his point (and not to shoot) - which worked to our advantage time and again as Team-Pat threw down 80% of their boules before regaining the point.  This left us with a majority of boule with which to point and a consistent lead in score.  A couple of well placed shots from me, together with the unfailing pointing from Nick and TimC. gave us a comfortable lead despite Team-Pat having a "boule advantage" (Pat and Maury each had three boules to use). 

Club Members have been sworn to secrecy the locationof the "boule bunker" which doubles as a safe-haven in case of zombie apocalypse.  Stocked with food and beverages for a five year span - we could be playing boule in an ice-age

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