Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back to Campus Martius for Lunchtime Group

As the weather was nice, and I was curious as to who was playing petanque up at Campus Martius (does anyone know?) the other day -- we detoured our lunchtime Renaissance Park Riverfront group up to Campus Martius Park. The crowds weren't keeping us from playing, and as you can see, it offered up a feeling of Manhattan. There were plenty of people looking on as Gene, Sharon, Will, Allan, and Jeff played mixed Doubles/Triples. Another reason for shifting to Campus Martius this and next week, during lunchtime, is to get our players ready for the harder, gravel surface (unlike the hard-packed sand at Ren. Cen.)

Allan takes the point
Crowds Passing By - "Watch the boules!"
Gene firing off another shot!

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Jeppy said...

It was only slightly chaotic, with people walking amidst the boules, and a giant "cherry picker" rolling across the terrain. We were able to play "open plan" (no chairs for barriers) - and simply guard against misfires during boule shooting. There was quite an audience watching, and perhaps some new members into the bargain. One guy insisted it was bocce (errr okay...) and we're looking forward to tomorrow at lunchtime.