Friday, September 30, 2005

East Coast Update

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For my father's birthday earlier this month, I sent him two sets of boules. The package arrived early and Mom fully aware of the contents wouldn't let him touch it till his actual birthday. This past weekend, Dad finally had a chance to break the boules in at a scout camporee.

My father brought the boules along to play petanque during the free time. He quickly attracted scouts and leaders, many who tried out the game. Petanque turned out to be a big hit with the scouts. Dad was able to win his matches but says one young scout came dangerously close to beating him.

My most recent phone conversation with my dad had about a ten minute discussion of the best places to play petanque in my hometown. Jeff, who vacations not far from my hometown, came across French-Canadian tourists playing on the beach, so Dad is going to check that out as well as some other locales. Now Mom might even join in the fun.


Jeppy said...

Great News Melissa. I knew Petanque would be a hit. It's easy enough to find a patch of dirt or gravel for playing, and the boules are indestructable. The sport has rules and measuring which kids love. When the youth get passionate about doing something social and outdoors (leaving their video games at home)- it's always a time to cheer.

Let you Dad know about using greenhouses during the Maine winter. Some of the larger nurseries don't use all of their greenhouses and the ground is perfect for the sport.

MGal said...

Yea, well this weekend he is bringing the boules to a family reunion on his side and then my maternal grandparents' place. I should have more than enough to people to play against this winter - though I think we'll be outside..

Anonymous said...

This is purely a comment to drive Melissa nuts... Who could this be?? Joe or Jeff?? Since Joe never logs in, I guess she'll never know... ;-)