Monday, September 29, 2008

Close Win - and Deric Coming Around the Bend . . .

Close game between Pat/Matt & Kevin/Mike. The doublettes exchanged point for point, getting to about 8/9 before Pat/Matt took a commanding lead, sitting on 12/8. It looked good enough for the win, but Kevin/Mike got their asses in gear and blasted their solids (verses Pat/Matt's striped boules) to a 13/12 victory.

On the adjoining piste, Abu/Raphael/Tom went against Jeff/Tim/Deric for two games, ending in a twin victory for Deric's team. (13/5 & 13/7) Raphael has been taking more shots - gaining experience in becoming a dangerous shooter, whilst Tom's faithful pointing coupled with Abu's sense of strategy kept them fighting to the end.

Deric is 8 games in, with a 2.0 average. He plans to play for the next couple of days, which, if he merely wins 13/12 will rocket him to the top standing average once he gets 10 games under his belt. A tough position to beat with potentially 2nd place Hitesh sitting on 1.94

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