Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where there's a Will - there's a Way

"Plombe" Will came back to play with the club - and though he's been away for about three years (with not 1 boule thrown in all that time) he was pointing and shooting expertly.

Today was a revenge match - Abu wanted the same teams from yesterday to see if we could change the outcome (yesterday we lost 13/6). The outcome... not so good... Jeff/Abu/Wayne lost the first game 13 to 1 (!!!) to the powerhouse of Kevin/Rafael/Mike. In a word: painful. The second game, Will switched in for Rafael, and we lost AGAIN 7 to 3 (13/9).
Whew... I can't even say that the other team was all that much better - Mikey was tossing hi boules as if they were pregnant hedgehogs - thrown well off to the left and right of the cochonnet; Kevin was even down to two boules (instead of his devastating three boule combo on Tuesday). Today brought Mikey back up to second place in the averages - while I'm just holding on by the skin of my teeth. Another loss and I'm down down down.

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