Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Game - Dreary Weather - Exciting Gameplay

We had sufficient time for a pair of games today. The first, Rafael, Tom, Jeff, and Matt verses Pat, Mike, Tim, and Hitesh. The result was a very evenly ranked set of teams. My team took an early four points in one round, but then the next few rounds went to the opposition due to the blazing shots of Pat A., and the strong pointing from the rest of Pat's crew. Near the end, it was 11 (us) 10 Pat's team, but we took the final two points for the 13/10 win.

The second game sent the Honigman boys back to their offices, while Matt, Rafael, and Tom teamed up against Hitesh, Mike, and Jeff. I was impressed with Matt's shooting - making most of his shots - while Tom and Rafael were really pointing in within inches of the cochonnet. I guess that was who we lost to them (7 point game) 6/7 (12/13). I blame Mike - (why? why not?!). See you Monday! If the weather provides a dry span of time, you can try the club out on Saturdays (or even Sundays up in Royal Oak).

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