Friday, September 26, 2008

Hitesh Leads the Group - then Kevin

What is interesting here is that Hitesh has (for the season) half as many games played, but he's a full tenth of a point higher than the next highest ranked player who also has played far less games than I have and is currently beating me in the rankings. I'm proud of them - really. And looking at the overall petanque-types... Hitesh is mainly a pointer, Kevin and shooter... so perhaps pointing brings about a more successful result in rankings? Dunno.
Raphael/Tom/Mike lost 7 to Kevin/Pat/Hitesh's 13 ...
and Jeff & Matt won 13 to Tim & Abu's 10
Since Kevin won at a higher margin than I did, he's edged himself to the 2nd place spot.
We also had some guests playing today... Morris from Honigman Miller, and Brandon - you know Brandon, big hair, saxaphone...

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