Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hitesh and Abu take Both Games

When the teams were being selected, Kevin told me he wanted to be on the top rank, and in order to do so he'd have to beat Hitesh. Hitesh & Abu were walking up to the piste, we set-up the teams: Kevin & Mike vs. Hitesh & Abu - I was flipped on to Kevin's team.

It went south - FAST!

Hitesh has been taking the shooter role - with chances taken, but plenty of successes - while Abu has been faithfully pointing in bole after boule. Mike was - for 3/4 of the game, waaay off in his pointing - but to be fair, my shots weren't don't much to change things around.

The first game: 13/7 Hitesh & Abu.

The second game (played to 7 points) was the nail in the coffin. Kevin still felt that if we were able to fanny them (7/0) then the resultant score: 13/6 would edge him to top position (or closer to it at least). Well, there was a 7/0 fanny ... OURS! Hitesh and Abu beat us again. No help from me when I shot away 2 of our boules by mistake to bring in their 3 points for the win. Blech!

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