Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kevin Takes the Club Top Average

In a bleak downturn for me, (6 games lost out of 6 games played) I'm glad, at least, that my club members are making some headway in the shooting department. Kevin's shooting, slightly off today, still kept my team (Jeff/Mike/Raphael) scuttled with a 13/6 loss in both games (the 2nd game played to 7 pts.) taking his team (Kevin/Wayne/Hitesh) to double victory. Wayne-Magoo had some trouble distinguishing between smooth boules and striped - earning him (a temporary) nickname. While I'm not sure what kind of new nickname I've earned (thankfully the Blogger controls the Blogged nicknames!) Mike was simply terrible today. I suspect it is because he misses Pat (who hasn't played for weeks).


Anonymous said...

I get the sense that there is personal some antagonism towards Mike. Since I've never met any of you I can't tell if its sincere or all in good fun. So, what is it?

Jeppy said...

Mike is a fun loving chap and we all like him. He gives as much as he takes (more even!) We're all playing and commenting in good fun. Heck, I was the one who bought Mike his $180 personalized Obut boules a few months back! Unlike some of the tight-lipped, too serious players, our club is very laid back fun. We go by the rules (generally) but just keep things in the faith of good sportsmanship.

But allow me to talk to the more interesting idea that you pointed out that you've not met any of us. This blog tracks (by basic location (city/state/country -only) everyone who views it and we get hundreds of folks a day from all over the world. I would appreciate feedback (maybe...) from those of you not in the Detroit area, perhaps you have questions about particular players, or something along those lines... Just send your e-mail to: