Wednesday, May 06, 2009

13 to 12 - painful !

Those 13 to 12 games are my favorites. It was 12 to 12 with the next point (obviously) taking the win. I had deftly shot away some opposing boules, and Hitesh too - we were staring at near victory... but then that victory was rippedfrom our grasp by Tim's excellent shooting and Jeff C's superb push-pointing. The final layout had a tight grouping of boules, with the cochonnet moving from one boule to the next.

Good game.

By the way, welcome to the upper rankings Jeff C.

I'm not sure of the details of Maury/Kevin's game, but 13/4 ... there must be something to report. Hal?

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Anonymous said...

push-pointing is a little awkward as a term; in french it's called "poussette"