Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pat & Aaron Team Up for the Comeback

Pat reports that his team (Pat & Aaron) were down 2 to 8 against Hal & TimC. but after some concerted concentration, they came back and won the day with a long but satisfying 13/11 victory.

On Piste-2 it was a bit of a runaway, with my shooting being on-target (for once) and Tim W. also trying out some successful shots. Maury studied the lay of the terrain and put in some great points. All in all, good steady teamwork for the 13/4 win.

Suggestion: When playing as a team, talk to each other about intentions. Weigh different strategy and don't be afraid to ask someone to come in and take a shot or a point. There's no rule that a player must throw/shoot all of their boules before letting another team member go... in fact, you should be weighing the strengths of your own team players and also the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition to come up with a winning tactic for each rounds boule layout.

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