Friday, May 08, 2009

Come Back Kids Take the Win 13/12

It began with me playing Raphael and I was down 5 points to zero (yes, Zero) - when the other players showed up. We continued with that score, my team mates being: Tim W.; Ted (Tim C.'s brother); Hitesh and Hitesh switched with Brandon. We played against Raphael; Tim C.; and Jeff C.

At first, it didn't look good. We had 2 points to their 9, then we began to gain a little ground, finally ascending to a 13/12 victory!

The credit goes to my team who worked well together, playing a tight defense - but not afraid to take some chances for extra points. The main idea I'd like to bring across is... don't give up. You just need 1 point per round to get into a winning position.

Gene's significant other, Sharon Hunter showed up at the court today. She has had much on her mind but she is looking forward to returning to the club. She is an excellent pointer!

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