Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a Great Game !

The hi-lite of the afternoon was the game of Pat/Maury against Mark/Eric. Eric has been watching us play for weeks now, and Pat was finally able to coax him into playing.

Eric is a GREAT pointer. a Natural. These two teams duked it out at every round. When one team was holding a close point, the other team would take it - and then it'd happen again!

By the last round the score was 6 to 6 (on a 7-point game). Eric laid in a nice close point, ample protection in the front... But then Maury would roll in a push point, and be closer. Then Mark (who changed his throwing style) would roll in an even closer point, then Maury who had a flood of boules in the way, would weave around them and his boule ended up pushing Mark's boule away for 2 points. Mark was left trying to remove 2 boules with one boule left. Victory to Pat & Maury. But a very well played game by both teams. Bravo.

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