Friday, May 01, 2009

Lots of Fun for the Detroit Club

VIDEO from today...

Today, most people showed up at various times so we mixed everyone into the first game 5 vs. 5. When you play triplettes (3 vs. 3) or more you'll find the game moves much slower (more people throwing) and the points per round are 1 or 2 points typically. Keep in mind that there are more boules on the court (5 vs. 5) which means your team can build quite a substantial "wall" against your opponent's pointing. Yes, I know that 5 vs. 5 isn't "official" - but it is still fun!

We then broke up into 2 games which played a bit faster.

Congrats to Mark Weisgerber. He just graduated from, I think the architecture program at University. Maury B. is due back from New York soon - I hope he has some good petanque stories to tell us from my home town. Pat A. is off to Mexico - so we'll be down a shooter. Pat will be under quarantine when he gets back. He'll be rooming with Mike D. Aaron E. has some new wheels - perhaps he can ferry Mike D. down to the piste during the week. TIP: Aaron, make sure you have plenty of Febreze on hand.

I'd like to enthuse all of the non-shooters in the club to try shooting. Early in a game when it isn't as crucial, allow yourself to take the role of the tireur (shooter). How else are you going to gain that crucial gameplay experience?

Also, you may want to play during non-club hours. Sundays, my friend Joe Zajac runs his club in Royal Oak, 1-? (5pm) at 6th street and Campbell Road (about 3 blocks south of 11 mile road near I-75. A great club - truly. Lots of French and Canadian players.

Eventually, you may want to buy yourself a set of leisure boules (those are the boules you use in the club ~$36 for 6) or even competition boules (around $60-200 via Petanque-America). I'd advise you to pick something in the middle range of weights and diameters (too heavy or large a boule can throw you right off!)

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