Thursday, May 07, 2009

Remote Webcam for Detroit Petanque Club

I found this nifty little device, it is called a "Digital Game Scouting Camera" typically used by hunters to find the feeding/trail habits of deer. Since I'm not a hunter (of animals...) I re-tasked it to serve as a remote camera for our weekday games. Any movement and the Petanque-Cam snaps the photo (it even has a flash for night games).
Today's two games (triplettes) went well - for my team, with a double win (and with a nice margin on the score. I've noticed Jeff C. has been taking more shots and trying out the plombee pointng with some success. Very good. The sooner you add shooting and plombee throws to your skill-set, the more options you'll have for the game.

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Deer Tracking Cameras said...

What a great way to document a gathering or event. I never thought of using one this way. I think I will set a camera up on the bookshelf, or corner of the room for the next party I have.