Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday's Game - Smashing

We had a very good team composition today. Each had a shooter (in the case of our opposition, they had both Tim C. and Hitesh). Hitesh was hitting plenty of good shots today. And solid pointers. In fact, one of our newest players, Jeff C. was pointing with very high accuracy. I know he saved us a number to times today. Jeff effectively pushed away the close opposing boule a number of times replacing it with his own. The only player I've seen do this as regularly is Raphael. Brandon, I think, was trying to achieve a "zen-like" stance before each throw - I told him over-thinking your toss can throw your boule off. When I suggested Brandon relax, he did better.

It is good to be able to weigh the various levels of skills in your own team members and that of your opponents. But this is only one of a multitude of variables for a team captain to digest. For example, we know Maury likes the "long game" so as an opponent with control of the cochonnet toss, keep the games shorter (6-8 meters). But also keep in mind other factors like the amounts of boules both teams have (and who has those boules!). If a player who mainly points has the remaining boules, then a well-laid boule won't likely be shot away. These factors (player assessment; boule count; cochonnet distance; score difference) all should be considered.

When my team has a clear 5 point lead, I'll take more chances, having that leeway. Behind in the score - I play more defensively - aware of an opportunity but also trying to cut losses (conceeding a point and laying in defensive boules). We saw quite a few defensive "walls" turn into the close-point today.

See you tomorrow!

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