Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday in the Park with Boules

During the Maury/Aaron & Raphael/Brian game, Rapahael & Brian scored 6 (six) points in one round. Normally, I'd say that would be a game decider, but not in this case. Maury and Aaron held Raphael and Brian to 10 points while ascending to their winning 13. Nicely done. During games when the scores are high and low - you may (if you're on the low scored team) feel like the game is over. Just remember, all you need is 1 close point each round. The converse is that when you have a large winning margin, your team may feel at ease - don't. As you can see, that margin can close rapidly!

As for my own games today... We didn't have many shooters for team selection, I knew my team would have an advantage against non-shooters. When this happens a little logic and philosophy comes into play: when playing against a strong shooter team, you'll just need to make your points (every one of them) good. Eventually, you'll "use up" all of the shooter's boules and you'll (hopefully) have a few pointing boules left. Also - use the distance of the cochonnet from the throwing circle to your advantage. Throw 8-10 meters. That can make it harder for the shooter to hit the target. Lastly (the philosophical part) - when you play a "more experienced" team - you will raise your own performance t meet the challenge. Sometimes, it isn't about winning and losing - but, if you can get points off of a better adversary.

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