Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaron joins the big board - and goes for victory with Mark

Despite a 5 point round for Pat's team, they just couldn't muster up sufficient momentum to carry them to a win. I wasn't witness to this game, but I'm assuming Mark's petanque prowess (both shooting and pointing) together with Aaron's penchant for the boule toss - carried them handily towards 13 and victory.

My own game was joined by newest player, John T. who is a southpaw for writing, but favors the right hand throwing for petanque. We started him first, his points landing (esp. when the 2nd boule is played first) close by. But the experience of Maury together with Tim C. was just too much for Jeff C. and me - and though it wasn't arunaway, 13/8 was the conclusion.

Upon rolling back to the firm I saw Brandon (Mr. Saxophone) who promised he'd be by tomorrow, and passing by Foran's Irish Pub, Melissa was outside serving, I was able to remind her that we "do play at noon" - a smile and nod as response.

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