Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pat Climbs to the Number One Spot

It was a heck of a nice day for boule. My own games went rather well, with very solid pointing from Ted and I even made a shot or two. It wasn't easy, Tim W. made some incredible shots, one iron to iron (Tie au Fer) with a boule blocking the front... he took it out like a sniper. Another, BAM! a solid shot with another blocking boule. But Eric, who joined us in the 2nd game, was pointing in gangbusters, close boules everytime. Excellent.

I watched Pat vs. Maury in their last game - a close one... it was 6 to 6 (7 point game) Maury laid in a boule, then Pat beat it, Maury laid in another closer boule, Pat shot it away, Maury laid in his last boule, also closest... Pat had his final boule... he went for the shot... BAM! knocked the cochonnet to the deep back... his own boule following along like a faithful dog... for the win!

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