Thursday, June 04, 2009

Anti-Squatting Rule for Ranking Averages


Anonymous said...

i love how serious you are about this sport sometimes jeff. my buddies back home dont understand why i enjoy / get so competitive at a game that is ment to be a relaxing fun time out in the park.

...they can stay in the dark for all i care!

next ridiculously hard to track rule: stats! shots attempted/shots made, bouls knocked away, lives taken with stray shots.... ;)

Baby Nubbins said...

Believe me you, I'd love to keep it simple. Somehow, people want complications...

Ultimately I introduce these rules to avoid arguments, and to keep players interested.

Some people don't give 2 hoots about the averages, but many do - so I had to respond somehow.

Perhaps this new rule will enthuse folks to show up more often... who knows?

hdarpini said...

It's a fair rule, but I hope that it doesn't go into effect until next week so that everyone has notice and can act accordingly, and no one gets caught unaware. Otherwise, my score will go down after today, since I was out of town Monday through Thursday but could have come downtown today instead of working from home had I known.