Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slaughter in the first - Revenge is Sweet in 2nd

I don't quite know how we fell apart for that first game, but Pat, Ted, and I just couldn't make any of our points. Everything was falling away 1 even 2 feet! Meanwhile, Tim C.'s team made it look easy - rolling in boule after boule. A terrible 13/3 resulted.

Let's move on...

The second game (a 7-pointer) - began again with Tim C's team taking the lead. Pat was questioning whether or not he should have called it quits after game-1, but stuck with it. We turned the tables with a nice 3 boule comeback, bringing things to a 5/5 tie... The last round, we saton the point and had about 4 boules left to use. The opposition had 2 boules left (Maury). The best thing to do is concede the point to the opposition, and just lay in some blockers. This wasn't the strategy used, leaving the space open for #7 to roll in for the win.

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