Friday, June 19, 2009

Playing the Risk

My own game was pretty fun. We played a few risks, but they paid off. The one I wanted to talk about was the final round, where we had the only boules left (4), the opposition's boules were all just behind (1 foot or so behind) a 2 boule (ours) grouped near the cochonnet and an opposition boule just (4 inches) to the left of our grouping (see diagram).
We wanted the win, but the close left boule would be keeping us at 1 or 2 points. I decided it was worth the risk for me to take the shot on the boule eliminate it and so we'd be able to point in our remaining boules.
The risk... hitting my own boule, knocking the cochonnet to the back boules and making it tough to reclaim a point.
But I figured, I had two boules to use for shooting, so if I did screw upt he first shot, I could try to fix the damage. It happened to work out nicely, the opposition boule was removed, and we were able to point in for the win.

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