Friday, June 26, 2009

Classic Cars and a Classic Sport

One of the nice things about where we play petanque in Detroit is that many times we share the space with other events. Cadillac Square Park is a flat open space adjacent to Campus Martius Park - and all Summer long there are different things going on (Jazz Festival, Auto Shows, various promotions) which use some of the space at the parks. This is never usually a problem as there are ten courts of space and we always have a place to play alongside the festivities.

Today was had some very nicely maintained Mustangs on display. Their owners looked a little apprehensive as we flung our steel boules about with resounding cracks! But we were courteous - having players "block" boules from causing possible damage. It was nice too to have car enthusiasts watching our boule play and asking us questions.


Anonymous said...

What is the circle on the ground for?

Anonymous said...

That's a manhole cover!