Thursday, June 26, 2008

Actually the REAL results from today's Detroit Game...

Actually, we were "taking the piss" out of Pat today, and mocked up a nail-biter of a result. (see previous entry). Thepoint spread has plopped me back on top (but I'm sure not for long). Other changes... include the game average topper is now Hatesh (mind you, this is only his 2nd game).

I propose we run weekday tournaments where we play Tete a Tete (1 vs 1) against different players each day, recording the scores, and having a final playoff at week's end (Friday). This should get us all up to speed for any tournaments we may find ourselves playing in Royal Oak or perhaps down in Chicago.

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Mac said...

I like the idea of the tournament. I think it would give us all a chance to try our hand at a variety of opponents, and force a different way of thinking about strategy into our heads.