Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fates Decide: Atropos Snips and Jeff is Toppled

In a upset of spectacular proportions (13/2), the mighty Jeff has been unseated from his top ranked position by the formidable Pat and in so doing, the tide has turned (an evil tide).

"At no time during today's competition did I feel like we had any chance of winning," Jeff remarked, "we were doomed from the start."

Jeff's team, four strong, had but two boules per player, while the opposition, form of three clever, if not scheming boulers, elected to arm their strong two shooters (Pat and Tim) with three boules a piece.

Whatever was pointed close, was solidly shot away by Pat and Tim, and Aaron laid in the death knell points. A masterful combination that laid waste to my team.

Adding that we (James/Jeff) were shooting at 5% - and you have a good idea why we lost 2/13
But as the ranks shuffle - I remain positive that though the field of battle was lost on this fateful day, the war rages on.