Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Point Tally System Works Well

The first day trying out the new ranking point system proved to be fun.

Pat / Jeff / Mark / Kevin opened strong against Tim / Gene / Mike with a nice lead. But then the opposition turned up the heat a little - shooting away our close boules, or going point for point. But in the face of excellent strategy, they eventually ran out of steam.

We positioned our boules defensively, and the opposition never had enough ammo to shoot all of our boules away. Don't get me wrong, Gene was shooting like Annie Oakley, but Mark and Kevin were pointing in very close boules. Too many to be removed.

If I had to give some critiques, it'd be that the opposition's anchor, Mikey, never seemed to be in this game - he seemed somehow... distracted.

By the time 1:00 p.m. approached, Tim's team (at 3/12) knew defeat was inevitable. They basically threw in the towel, giving us 2.9 points each, while the losers each earned their 1 point (for showing up).

Current Standings:

Pat 2.9 points
Mark 2.9 points
Jeff 2.9 points
Kevin 2.9 points
Tim 1 point
Mike 1 point
Gene 1 point

Meetings on Wednesday... so I'll see you guys Thursday.

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