Friday, June 20, 2008

Detroit Rankings - Some Rise, Others Fall - All Have Fun

It must be the weather, because we had an outstanding turnout for a weekday - 10 people. Initially, I would have (if everyone arrived at the same time) broken the players into a doublette and a triplette - but as we were all playing, and had only an hour to do so - so I felt a large group of 5 on 5 would be socially more fun and complex.

When so many boules are in play (20), the teams need a strong captain to assess who has boules left to use, who is up and what their specialty is (shoot/point/both).


My team open up strong, and we took a commanding lead of 5 or 6 points to zip. In games of triplettes (or in this case 5 per team) the scores per "end" are usually low - so to get 6 points ahead of the other team is unusual.

But that lead was not to last, Pat's team quickly caught up, and it was looking like anyone's game. But some very decisive plays kept us afloat:
Aaron had a key pointing when he nudged out the opposing boule which was a front blocker merely 5 inches from the cochonnet - and took the close point. I think he'll make a great shooter too. Hatesh was gold, getting the close point with every boule. Mikey was good in the clinch - making good in his initial throws and keeping the opposition casting for points. Mark was rock solid too on his long pointing and I'm encouraged to have him shoot more. Together we worked as a strong team.

The opposing team needed, in my opinion, some strategy - and more persuasive captaining. There were plenty of times when a close boule (right on the cochonnet!) needed to be shot out immediately - and instead 4-6 boules were wasted in pointing up. When a boule is 3 inches from the cochonnet it needs to be shot. Pointing won't get you to be the closest, and if/when the cochonnet moves from a shot, they'll be badly placed as a defense. When you have plenty of boules left to use, you need to make the shot early before laying blocking boules.

A nice day - thanks ya'll for coming out. I'll see you Saturday (1-5pm) at Campus Martius - or Monday 12-1pm at Cadillac Square.

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