Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday's Detroit Game Rolls Despite Rain and Lightning

The skies over Detroit were dark, punctuated by streaks of lightning. Drops of rain pelted across the expanse of the piste but the petanquers remained steadfast in the open area of Cadillac Square, holding their metal boules and concentrating on varied roles as the score ascended.

Pat captained the team of Mark, Hatesh and Jeff while the opposition team of Tim C. directed King Cobra (Mike) and Kevin.

The initial run looked promising for a fanny potential as the score was 6 (Pat) to O (Tim) but Jeff's loose cannon shot spoiled a skunking, giving the opposition 3 points in one end.

Despite some short bouts of rain (players waiting their turn beneath the nearby umbrella) I was delighted to see nobody wanted to leave - and better yet, everyone stayed throughout, ending with a 13/6 conclusion.

Thanks to all who could make it today, special thanks to the Acorn group


Mac said...

I was on my way out today, heard the thunder, and headed back to my house to grab an umbrella... at which point, it started to look even more threatening, and I had to head back again to meet a friend who was coming by. About a minute after I walked in, the skies opened up and I said, "P├ętanque can wait until tomorrow."

Jeppy said...

Risking electrocution from being outside in a lightning storm - that's stuff of real macho men! (and corpses).