Monday, June 23, 2008

Tournament Grounds Ready for Next Weekend!

MPC Players brought out all their secret weapons on Sunday! Mike was especially frustrated at the east side of the courts, as seen here...

But what a great bonding time gardening can really be! We found that out on Sunday as Joe, Dan, Mike, Ian, Kathy, and Hal shoveled and raked and picked and pruned the Royal Oak courts... they are definitely competition quality!

We've set the stage properly for what will surely be a down-in-the-trenches tournament next weekend! The court is ready (more on details below), and the spirits are high, and the weather outlook is perfect!

This next weekend is not for the timid. There will be no fancy flyer's. There will be no fancy wines. There will be you, the competition, some boules and a meticulous plot of land. Who comes out on top is up to YOU.

The Michigan Petanque players invite all who dare to challenge to come to their piste on Sunday, June 29 at 12:30 and bring only their boules and their game (and maybe a munchie). The rest will be decided by the tournament of the day! Bring your $3 entry fee, sign your name and hopefully bring home one of the great prizes. It's entirely up to you!

Inquire if you'd like to for details, call 248-688-5708, or simply arrive promptly on Sunday to compete in this down-and-dirty, winner-takes-all authentic petanque tournament. Looking forward to seeing you all then!

(Insider's Guide to the Courts: The clay is especially hard to read. There are now very undulating hills and valleys that make second looks key to quality play. Knowledgeable players will surely be seen watching the initial cochonette toss and first boule throw to gain valuable insights as to the lie of the end to be played. Landing spots are extremely important--there are sand traps and hard clay which can not be underestimated. Guests to the court are encouraged to come early to acclimate themselves before tournament play starts--this is your fair warning!)


Jeppy said...

Looks like it'll be a good tournament. I'll try my best to be there. That is, if I can scrounge up $3

Anonymous said...

Tournement?! ..Arrrrrgh!! I have to work Sunday...dang it. Sorry my peeps...I'll try and get there after I get off duty ..hopefully there will be some pickup games. So until then...bon chance tous les mondes!!!

Kit :)

PS: wanted to be play last Sunday but they kept rpt'ing rain rain rain....did it rain? NO!!! Merde!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! I just got the day I will be there on Sunday for the tourement....BETTER NOT RAIN!!!!! :)